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Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

September 13, 2010

Late last week, I was invited by new Executive Chef, Curtis Webb, to attend a tasting of the upcoming menu (by brainchild, Ryan Mah) for Goldfish Pacific Kitchen.  The new menu will not be available to the public until around the middle of September. There are still some tweaks that will be made (as a […]

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Miku Japanese Restaurant

September 1, 2010

A couple of months ago, a few of us foodie friends got together for a meal at Miku Japanese Restaurant, on West Hastings.  I hadn’t tried it before but had heard that the food was good, although a bit on the higher end of the price scale. I arrived with Melody Fury of Vancouver Food […]

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El Taco

August 30, 2010

One Mexican restaurant that I’ve been to several times over the past few years is El Taco on Davie Street near Howe, in downtown Vancouver.  It’s a quaint place that has quick service and fairly inexpensive food options for lunch. I decided to meet up with my friend Vince there again last week for his […]

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Commune Cafe

August 25, 2010

One of the newest restaurants just beyond the border of Yaletown in downtown Vancouver is Commune Cafe. Opened around a month ago, this place is on the ground floor of the furnished living complex called The Level on Seymour Street.  It’s open seven days a week, from early morning breakfast, through lunch and dinner, and […]

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Smoking Dog Bistro

May 15, 2010

Last week I met up with a girlfriend for lunch at The Smoking Dog Bistro, for French and Italian food in Kitsilano.  We were looking for a patio, since it was a gorgeous sunny day out (as we’ve been so lucky to experience in Vancouver over the past couple of weeks), and it seemed to […]

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Urban Thai Bistro

May 7, 2010

Earlier this week, I headed over to Urban Thai Bistro in Yaletown with a friend of mine for lunch.  I’ve been there quite a few times, and used to frequent it for their all you can eat weekend lunch, even up to eight years ago. This time around, instead of getting one of their weekday […]

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