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At a very young age I learned that I’m a definite foodie who lives to eat.  I lived on a farm with an amazing cook for a mother who spent most of her time feeding our family delicious home-cooked meals.  Everything she touched would turn out better than you could imagine, and I was spoiled with having flavourful Thai, Ukrainian and other dishes as a part of my everyday life.

I am currently location independent, traveling around the world while working on digital marketing as part of Umami Marketing, and spending the beautiful summers back home in Vancouver. The majority of my posts will still be related to restaurants in Vancouver but there will also be out of town reviews, travel maps, and videos of favourite spots and my top secrets in various international locales.

To find out more about me and why I started this blog, please read my first post, ‘Let’s Whet the Appetite.’

Below are a few additional questions about me that I’ve been asked a few times:

What are you up to nowadays?

For the past 3.5 years, I’ve been traveling around the world as a digital nomad, while working on my business for most of that time. Although I always love to go back home in the beautiful Vancouver summers to see friends and family and play beach volleyball, my love of adventure and exploring new places takes me back to new countries again and again. At this point, I’ve traveled throughout most of Asia, a few countries in Europe, many islands in the Caribbean, and into Australia and of course many corners of North America. My next new area will be seeing the Middle East, and hopefully getting to Central America in the spring of 2014.  I love meeting new people, being completely spontaneous in my trip “planning,” and just learning about all of the unique foods and cultures our world has to offer.

If you’re looking to find me on a day to day basis, make sure to catch up with where in the world I may be on Twitter or Instagram.

What’s your favourite ethnic food?

I’m definitely biased towards Thai food, but if you were to take a region of foods that I prefer at any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, it would be something of Asian influence – kind of like me!

What’s your philosophy about fast food?

I will eat it if I need it.  Basically, if I’ve had a long night out and am looking for something carb-heavy, I won’t hesitate to find a burger and fries somewhere to help ease the pain into the next day.  I don’t often eat fast food, but I don’t shun it altogether – sometimes, you just gotta have some of that really salty goodness (badness?)!

What would be your last supper?

I’ve been asked this question quite a few times now, but I just can’t single out any meal in particular that I would want.  I’m sure it would be a Thai jelly dessert of some sort though.  I just like too many different things, that instead of a last supper, I would probably want a last week (or month) of various meals, rotating through all of the different ethnic foods that I would want to eat.  This would range from home made perogies (the Ukrainian in me), to various Thai food cooked by my mom, and everything else in between.  I can tell you though, it would NOT include pizza, pasta (for the most part anyway), and just a few other things.  Basically, I would need a lot of lead time…

What is a food you despise?

The only thing that I prefer not eat at this point in my life is tripe.  This comes from a long, stinky memory of my mother boiling cow stomach lining in our childhood kitchen, without a fan for any ventilation.  The window’s would be wide open, but if you’ve smelled this before, you know that’s just nowhere near enough.

What is a food you have grown to love?

The first time I ate sushi, I didn’t think I’d try it again.  It was just…weird! I grew up in a small town, and there was nothing near this type of food around (plus, we always ate home-cooked).  But two weeks after that first experience, at Ebizo in Victoria, BCa (now my fave sushi restaurant there), I found myself suddenly craving it.  And the cravings wouldn’t stop.  So I continued to go back after that, and now need to eat sushi at least once a week to feel normal (unless I’m in some international location where it’s just better to stay away).

What’s in your fridge?

I enjoy cooking when I have the time.  I’m not much on following recipes, and have only recently started trying to do so more often.  My favourite part of cooking is experimenting and just tasting the dishes I make until they seem like they’re just ‘right.’  So, you’ll often find my fridge stocked with everything you can imagine. There’s really nothing strange in there that I can think of – for now, anyway. To be fair, when I’m traveling through Asia, I don’t do any cooking at all, which is at least 1/3 of my time at this point in my life.

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