Highlights of Manly, Sydney, Australia

by Victoria on March 11, 2014

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia

As I’ve just left beautiful Manly, Sydney, Australia a few days ago, I wanted to get this next video up for you as soon as possible. While most of it was shot during my last day in Australia, I managed to get through most of the editing and compilation while in transit to Bangkok, at the Kuala Lumpur airport at around 4 in the morning local time.

Manly is such a beautiful place, and it’s my goal one of these days to set up a temporary home base at some point, preferably in one of the stunning cliffside homes that are found between Manly Beach and Shelly Beach, in the Fairy Bower area. While it’s highly likely that I will not spend my full time in any given place during the year, I would absolutely love to keep a place in Manly for at least a fair portion of it (meaning about 4 months max for me based on my last few years). Ideally, I will eventually be able to have residences in Vancouver (well, I’ve already got that one covered), Sydney, Australia, somewhere in Thailand (as I already spend months every year there), and a part in Europe – perhaps the South of France (although I’m headed to Spain this spring, so that could all change once I see more than Italy and France)?

To leave myself (and of course all of you) with some memories and beautiful scenery from Manly, Sydney, I’ve compiled this video for you to show my favourite parts of this Australian beach community and why I could see myself spending more time there sometime soon. Note that this one is a little lower quality since I was uploading from the airport wifi and had a few issues the first few times around. Also, I will definitely be purchasing some iPhone accessories (like a tripod etc) while I’m in Bangkok this week so I won’t be so shaky with my shots!

Although there weren’t a lot of food shots in this video as I was distracted by the beach life around me, I did end up hitting up a few great spots for food and drink, including the hot and happening Papi Chulo on the wharf, Bench Cafe for healthy breakfast options, and Four Fish for some grilled barramundi and salad takeaway while playing beach volleyball.

Let me know if you’ve visited Manly before, and what were your highlights and fave spots?

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