Milan, Italy – Restaurants and Sites

by Victoria on September 28, 2013

Duomo, Milan, Italy

So I’ve decided to start to collect my recommendations for restaurants, watering holes, sites, and more for the cities that I travel to over the next while when I’m  away from Vancouver for the fall and upcoming winter, at least throughout Europe.

To start things off, I’ve put together a Google map that others will hopefully find useful if they ever end up visiting Milan. You have to click on markers on the embedded map below to see the full details, but I’ve also copied the text so that you can read up on my quick thoughts based on my experiences (if I find the time, I’ll aim to get up some more detailed restaurant review posts in future, but didn’t take pics at the restaurants in Milan since I didn’t want to be rude), otherwise follow me on Twitter or Instagram to get a quick snapshot and history of my meals).

Special thanks to my Airbnb host for showing me or telling me about most of these places!

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Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia:

This fantastic 2 michelin star restaurant in the outskirts of Milan uses simple ingredients for a twist on traditional Italian dishes. Excellent service, great maitre’d’, delicious food and amazing wine list. A bit of an eccentric atmosphere in terms of artwork.  At a higher price point, and probably best for a special occasion.

Ristorante Wicky’S Wicuisine Seafood Modern Food World Srl:

Priyan Wicky hails from Sri Lanka and worked under a sushi master in Japan. , He brings a unique twist to fusion cuisine from his past experiences, set in an atmosphere reminiscent of a Sri Lankan night sky, complete with moon and stars in the dining room.  Try the amazing sake-marinated octopus, the different types of freshly caught sashimi, the gelato, and more as a part of his prix fixe menu. € 85, not including drinks.

Sites / Places of Interest:

Duomo: On a sunny day, it’s fantastic to not just walk through the duomo, but also climb the steps or take an elevator to the rooftop as the sun is setting over the city.

Corso Como: A great area for shopping!

Sant’Ambrogio: A wonderful cathedral to explore. Quiet and beautiful.

Parco Sempione: A great large park in the city center to relax in and people watch, located just behind a castle, Castello Sforzesco

Brera Gallery Milan: Check out the Accademia Art Gallery, for some culture while you’re in town.

Roman Columns: Stroll through the columns at night, and watch all of the younger crowds milling about.

Navigli District: Head down to an open air restaurant for a drink and some dinner along the historic series of interconnected canals that run throughout Milan in a vibrant neighbourhood. There are a lot of wine bars here, and not necessarily any particular standout restaurants, so try to pick one with a lot of locals and a bit of a scene to enjoy.

L’Ultima Cena (The Last Supper): Make sure to book in advance to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. I wasn’t able to make it, as I wasn’t aware it was booked out so far in advance, but word on the street has it that you can get in through your hotel if you are staying somewhere nice enough that may have some extra pull.  I’ve also been told by a girlfriend that if you just show up and are super polite, they may be gracious enough to let you in. 🙂

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