Noodles Drying in Laos

by Victoria on January 28, 2013

Noodles Drying in Laos

After crossing the Nam Khan River by a bridge that’s only up during the dry season. I was exploring Luang Prabang, Laos, and came across some round flat circles that were indecipherable on a wooden makeshift table on the side of the road.

It turns out that these were being prepared to make rice noodles!

To make these noodles, locals mix together a rice flour with water into a paste. Using a special “stove,” they pour a thin layer of the mixture over top of a porous cloth and steam it for only a couple of seconds. After opening the lid, they place a stick in the middle of the steamed results, fold over the noodle from both sides, and then lift and hang them to dry on racks.

Then, once these have cooled off and dried, they place the round sheets of noodles on to a flat bamboo surface. Once this process has been complete, they will then cut them into the desired shape and size of noodle.


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