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by Victoria on December 5, 2011

De Dutch Pannekoek House

It’s definitely been a ridiculous December so far, filled with all sorts of holiday parties, and it’s barely gotten started! To help wrap up a fun and eventful weekend, I went with a couple of friends to have a very late brunch yesterday afternoon at De Dutch Pannekoek House. With 17 locations in the Greater Vancouver area, we decided to travel to the Mount Pleasant restaurant, near Yukon and West 2nd, as it was a good center meeting point for the group.

This restaurant franchise has been around for over three decades now, starting with the original location, opened by Dutch founder John Dys, at Knight Street and 25th Avenue in July of 1975.

We were all pretty ravenous once we had arrived, as it was almost 1:30 in the afternoon by this point. Although it took us awhile to decide on what to order and we had to send away our waitress a couple of times because we were so slow, we managed to make a pretty good go of it in the end. The only thing I was certain of right from the start was that I really wanted some chocolate milk.

The menu is quite extensive, and includes all sorts of breakfast and lunch items, including a round of burgers (the Gentle John would’ve been my next order choice), various wraps, sandwiches, and soups, as well as the new Dutch Tosties. There is also the option of ordering takeout so you can have brunch in the comfort of your own home.

Then there is the signature De Dutch dish – a pannekoeken. It is essentially a Dutch version of a traditional pancake, but larger in circumference and thinner in size (as their website notes, it’s ‘slightly thicker than a crepe’). There are over 20 choices on the menu, but there is a long list of savoury and sweet topping choices for your own custom creation as an alternative.

My girlfriend and I shared the more savoury Amsterkoek Pannekoeken to start.  This was topped by eggs, edam cheese, ham and hollandaise sauce (served on the side), and garnished with sliced tomato.

Amsterkoeken Pannekoek

We followed that up with the sweeter Peach Melba and Whip Pannekoeken, to round off the meal. Just as the name entails, this involves a side of whipped cream, along with a peach and raspberry topping.

Peach Melba and Whip Pannekoeken

Our other friend had DeBakon and Eggs breakfast platter. This includes toast, hash browns, two eggs any style, DeBakon (of course), and the choice of a garden salad or side of fruit.

DeBakon and Eggs Breakfast Platter

After the meal, we were definitely feeling satiated and full, and sat around chatting for awhile in the family-friendly restaurant.

To start off the season of giving, De Dutch Pannekoek House is holding a Savoury vs Sweet Competition. It is already in progress and will continue until December 24th, when they will be selecting a grand prize winner who will take home a $500 gift card. Essentially, there will be polls each week on their Facebook page, where savoury versus sweet pannekoek toppings will be going head to head. Each time you vote in a poll, you will be entered to win the prize, just in time for Christmas!

There is also the opportunity to get a 25% off January pass for any dine-in experience at De Dutch during the month of January 2012 if you sign up on their Facebook page.

Now that’s a lot of pannekoeks! Good luck!

De Dutch Pannekoek House (Mount Pleasant Location)
410 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3W3
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