Top Chef Finale Fundraiser at ensemble restaurant

by Victoria on July 4, 2011

ensemble restaurant

Here is the live blog of this special event fundraiser that took place on Monday, July 4th, during the Top Chef Canada finale at ensemble restaurant in Vancouver, with Chef Dale MacKay and his special guest and friend, Dusty Gallagher.

5:25: Just arrived at the restaurant. There are many friends and family of Dale’s milling about and getting ready to be seated for the dinner to be served during the evening’s events.

5:45 An introduction of the fundraising for tonight. Proceeds go to The Vancouver Boys Club Network and Templeton Culinary Arts Program. Dale Mackay gives thanks to his family, staff and friends for the opening of ensemble restaurant.


5:50 introduction of Dusty Gallagher from Top Chef Canada, helping to cook the meal for tonight!

And the first course is served! Lobster iceberg salad with Caesar dressing.


6:00: And the show begins! People watch the two televisions over the bar, plus an extra one in the dining area that was specially brought in for the evening.


6:05: “It’s not fancy!” Dale’s quote from the BBQ challenge on the beach, when the judges said it was too fancy.

6:07: And the winner of the Quickfire challenge is Connie! She wins a Weber BBQ and an advantage for later…

6:10: Second course at ensemble is the black cod in a pork and Thai broth. One of my favourites here, and a winning dish during the filming of Top Chef Canada!


6:13: Guests are back on the show – Chefs Andrea, Todd and Dusty from earlier in the season.  Dusty gets to cook as Sous Chef with Dale, together for the next challenge!

6:25: Special guest judge on the show is David Hawksworth of the new Hawksworth restaurant in Vancouver.

6:28: Dale’s first course served to the judges on the show: Smoked salmon with wasabi peas, caviar, cured salmon and pea purée.

6:33: Now for Dusty’s roasted Ontario quail  with parsnip purée, summer vegetables and smoked chicken jus being served at ensemble. Delicious! Am I confusing you all yet?


6:35: On the show, the judges have Dale’s Black cod with BBQ pork consommé and and lamb with eggplant and leak for his next course.

6:40: Finally, strawberries and lemon custard with strawberries on top is served as Dale’s dessert on the show.

6:45. And the judging table begins…

6:55: And the winner of the challenge and Top Chef Canada…Chef Dale Mackay! Big congratulations to Dale!


Top Chef's Dusty Gallagher, ensemble Sous Chef Brad Henrickson, Chef Dale Mackay, and son Ayden



And momma and son are very proud.

Time to celebrate! With dessert no less. 🙂

Pineapple souffle with spiced pineapple and coconut sorbet. Mmmm.


The rest of the evening was quite festive, and everyone had a great time.

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