by Victoria on March 7, 2011

Boneta Restaurant Vancouver

One evening not too long ago, a group of friends gathered together super last minute to have a welcome back dinner for a couple that just moved to Vancouver from Beijing after they got married.  I was put in charge of dinner reservations, and the clock was ticking as it was already 5 pm at the time.  After going back and forth with restaurants until I could find a place that was available for the 10 of us, I managed to make a reservation at the spacious Boneta.

I’d been to Boneta about five years ago, but for some reason hadn’t been back since.  My first visit was another large group dinner, and I remember that I wasn’t all that excited about my experience that evening.  For some reason, I can recall being bored with the food.  After discussing this with a number of foodie friends,  and hearing everyone hemming and hawing about how delicious it was, I knew I needed to give it another chance.  Besides, just a few months back, I went with a couple of girlfriends there for drinks and dessert, and I recalled how much I enjoyed it that night (I’ll include those pics here, too).

I didn’t take pictures of everyone’s food that evening, as it was a bit of a stretch to make it around the whole table, and this group of friends hadn’t seen each other in a long while. I kind of wanted to let the flow of conversation continue without being a constant disruption. I was also experiencing a bit of vertigo that night (and no, it wasn’t the wine), so I just wasn’t in the mood as much as usual.

I started off with the Beet Salad, a beautifully coloured appetizer, with a rainbow of three types of beets and fresh vegetables.  Please excuse my pictures for this post – the vertigo, or whatever it really was, definitely impacted me in many ways and I pushed off this post for awhile but finally decided to put it up regardless.  Looking at these pictures will probably just give you vertigo as well. 🙂

For the main course, I shared two dishes – the first of which was the Duck Breast with leek, apple, and spinach. The crisp skin was divine, and the meat was tender and moist. I would have been content to eat this dish all to myself!

I also shared the Venison. Again, the tender meat practically melted in my mouth.  The picture really doesn’t do this dish justice.

For dessert, upon recommendation from many of my twitter followers, we shared the Tarte Tatin. This delectable apple pie, freshly baked and served with ice cream requires 20 minutes to prepare, but time seemed to have passed in an instant once sinking my mouth in the first bite – it was definitely worth the wait!

Now for some less dizziness-inducing pictures, here are some delicious desserts I had a few months prior.

This Carrot Cake with Pineapple Sorbet felt like a dream. I will never forget it. I almost wanted to give the pastry chef a hug. And maybe I would have after a few more cocktails…

We followed this up with a Cheese Platter with pear.  There were three types of cheese served, along with crostini and nuts.

Overall, I thought the meal at Boneta was quite delicious, and I would go back without waiting for such a long time in between visits.  I’d have to say that their desserts and cocktails were my favourite part.

Keep an eye out for their new smaller location in Gastown, coming soon!

1 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC, V6B
Twitter: @bonetavan
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