Dine Out Participating Restaurants Now Available!

by Victoria on January 6, 2011

Dineout Vancouver 2011

The restaurant listings with menus are now up for Dine Out Vancouver 2011, taking place on January 24-February 6!  For online reservations, see the Tourism Vancouver website – don’t wait too long, as the best dining locations are sold out fast!

I have included the 213 Vancouver restaurants as well below, with links to those places I’ve already written about, if you want to take a further look before booking:

Abigail’s Party (Accepting Reservations)
Al Porto Ristorante (Accepting Reservations)
American Grille Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
apron (the) (Accepting Reservations)
AQUA RIVA (Accepting Reservations)
Arms Reach Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Ashiana Tandoori Restauraant (Accepting Reservations)
Au Petit Chavignol (Accepting Reservations)
Azia (Accepting Reservations)
Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge – Wedgewood Hotel (Accepting Reservations)
Banana Leaf in Kitsilano (Accepting Reservations)
Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine (Accepting Reservations)
Banana Leaf on Denman (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
Baru Latino (Accepting Reservations)
Beachside Forno (Accepting Reservations)
Beyond Restuarant & Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Bistro 101 at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (Accepting Reservations)
Bistro Pastis (Accepting Reservations)
Bistro Sakana (Accepting Reservations)
Blarney Stone (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse English Bay (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse Horseshoe Bay (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse Kitsilano (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse New Westminster (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse Port Moody (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse Richmond (Accepting Reservations)
Boathouse White Rock (Accepting Reservations)
Brasserie Bistro (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Bridges Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar (Accepting Reservations)
C Restaurant (Accepting Reservations) – review coming soon!
Cafe 1 (Accepting Reservations)
cafe il nido (Accepting Reservations)
Campagnolo Restaurant (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
Cardero’s Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Carmichaels Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Carthage Cafe (Accepting Reservations)
Carvers Steakhouse and Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Ceilis Irish Pub (Accepting Reservations)
Central Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Chambar Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Charles Bar (The) (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
Charm Modern Thai and Bar (Accepting Reservations)
Cheshire Cheese Restaurant (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Chilli House Thai Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Chutney Villa (Accepting Reservations)
Ciao Bella Ristorante Italiano & Piano Bar (Accepting Reservations)
CinCin Ristorante + Bar (Accepting Reservations)
Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant & Lounge (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Coast Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Cobre (Accepting Reservations)
Copper Chimney (Accepting Reservations)
CORK & FIN RESTAURANT (Accepting Reservations)
Coza! Tuscan Grill (Accepting Reservations)
Cru (Accepting Reservations)
Culinaria (Accepting Reservations)
Darby’s Neighbourhood Pub (Accepting Reservations)
db Bistro Moderne (Accepting Reservations)
DinnerCruises.com (Accepting Reservations)
Diva at the Met (Accepting Reservations)
DIVINO (Accepting Reservations)
Dockside Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Don Francesco Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Doolin’s Irish Pub (Accepting Reservations)
EBO Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Edge Social Grill & Lounge (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Federico’s Supper Club (Accepting Reservations)
Fish House in Stanley Park (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Fishworks (Accepting Reservations)
Five Sails Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Fleuri Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Flying Tiger (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Fogg n’ Suds Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Fortune House Seafood Restaurant (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
Fraîche (Accepting Reservations)
Fresh Restaurant & Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
glowbal grill steaks and satay (Accepting Reservations)
Goldfish Pacific Kitchen (Accepting Reservations)
Gramercy Grill (Accepting Reservations)
Griffins Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Gusto di Quattro (Accepting Reservations)
Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Hamilton Street Grill (Accepting Reservations)
Hapa Izakaya Kitsilano (Accepting Reservations)
Harold’s Bistro & Bar (Accepting Reservations)
Hart House Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Hermitage Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Herons Restaurant & Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Hidden Tasting Bar & Social Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Horizons Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
IL Giardino Di Umberto Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Inlets Bistro & Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Irish Heather Gastropub (Accepting Reservations)
Italian Kitchen (Accepting Reservations) – review coming soon!
Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House (Accepting Reservations)
Kerkis Greek Taverna (Accepting Reservations)
Kingston Taphouse & Grille (Accepting Reservations)
Kitsilano Daily Kitchen (Accepting Reservations)
La Terrazza Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
La Vallee Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
LE BISTRO CHEZ MICHEL (Accepting Reservations)
Le Bistro de Paris (Accepting Reservations)
Le Gavroche Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Lift Bar Grill View (Accepting Reservations)
Lobby Restaurant (The) (Accepting Reservations)
L’Abattoir (Accepting Reservations)
Maenam Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Mahony & Sons (Accepting Reservations)
Manhattan Restaurant at Delta Vancouver Suites (Accepting Reservations)
MARKET by Jean-Georges (Accepting Reservations)
Marmalade Kitchen & Bar (Accepting Reservations) – review coming soon!
Maurya Indian Cuisine (Accepting Reservations)
Medley’s Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
MIGZ BBQ on Broadway (Accepting Reservations)
Miku Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Milestones Grill + Bar – English Bay (Accepting Reservations)
Milestones Grill + Bar – Kitsilano (Accepting Reservations)
Milestones Grill + Bar – Park Royal (Accepting Reservations)
Milestones Grill + Bar – Robson (Accepting Reservations)
Milestones Grill + Bar – Yaletown (Accepting Reservations)
Mill Marine Bistro (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Mistral French Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Monk McQueen Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Mosaic Bar & Grille (Accepting Reservations)
Mythos Taverna (Accepting Reservations)
Northlands Bar & Grill (Accepting Reservations)
Nu Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Nyala African Cuisine (Accepting Reservations)
Octopus’ Garden (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
One Hundred Days (Accepting Reservations)
Oru Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Osteria Napoli (Accepting Reservations)
Ouisi Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar (Accepting Reservations)
p2b bistro and bar (Accepting Reservations)
Pier 73 (Accepting Reservations)
Pivo Public House (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
Players Chophouse (Accepting Reservations) – review coming soon!
Poor Italian Ristorante (Accepting Reservations)
Pourhouse Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel (Accepting Reservations)
Provence Marinaside (Accepting Reservations)
Provence Mediterranean Grill (Accepting Reservations)
Q4 al Centro (Accepting Reservations)
Q4 Ristorante (Accepting Reservations)
r.tl (Accepting Reservations)
Raincity Grill (Accepting Reservations)
Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery (Accepting Reservations)
Red Door Pan Asian Grill – Granville (Accepting Reservations)
Reef on Main (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Reef on The Drive (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Refinery market.style.eatery (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Reflect social dining + lounge (Hilton Vancouver Metrotown) (Accepting Reservations)
Refuel Restaurant & Bar (Accepting Reservations)
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co (Accepting Reservations)
Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar (Accepting Reservations)
Sala Thai Thai Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Salam Bombay (Accepting Reservations)
Salmon House (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Salt Tasting Room (Accepting Reservations)
Saltaire Restaurant and Terrace (Accepting Reservations)
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse (Accepting Reservations)
Sanafir Restaurant and Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Sandbar Seafood Restaurant (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Seasons in the Park Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Section (3) (Accepting Reservations)
Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill (Accepting Reservations)
SHAUGHNESSY RESTAURANT (Accepting Reservations)
Show Case Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
SIP resto-lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Smoking Dog (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Society Dining Lounge (Accepting Reservations)
Steamworks Brewing Company (Accepting Reservations)
Stonegrill (Accepting Reservations)
szechuan chongqing seafood restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Tavola (Accepting Reservations)
Teahouse Restaurant (The) (Accepting Reservations)
Thai House Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
Thai Spice Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Abbotsford (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Burnaby (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Coquitlam (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Granville Island (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Guilford (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Langley (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Maple Ridge (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Morgan Creek (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- New Westminster (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Park Royal (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Richmond South (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Scott Road (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Thurlow (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar- Yaletown (Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations)
The Observatory (Accepting Reservations)
The Old Spaghetti Factory (Accepting Reservations)
The Point Restaurant & Tapas (Accepting Reservations)
Timbre (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
Tomato Fresh Food Cafe (Accepting Reservations)
Trafalgars Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Tramonto (Accepting Reservations)
Trattoria Italian Kitchen (Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served)
Urban Thai Bistro (Accepting Reservations)
Via Veneto (Accepting Reservations)
Water St. Cafe (Accepting Reservations)
West Restaurant + Bar (Accepting Reservations)
Westward Ho! Public House & Grill Room at the University Golf Club (Accepting Reservations)
Wild Rice (Accepting Reservations)
Yagger’s Downtown Restaurant & Sports Bar (Accepting Reservations)
YEW restaurant + bar (Accepting Reservations)
Yokohama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant (Sushi & Teppanyaki Steak House.) (Accepting Reservations)
Zakkushi Dining on Main (Accepting Reservations)
Zen Japanese Restaurant (Accepting Reservations)

As you can see, there are many places that I have yet to try, or at least yet to write about.

So make sure to make your selections quickly, and Bon Apetit!

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