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by Victoria on December 23, 2010

PHAT Yaletown

I’ve walked by PHAT (which apparently stands for Pretty Hot and Tasty) several times throughout the course of my time in Yaletown, and for whatever reason, had never tried it until last week.  The deli is known for it’s Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, of which I’ve had several great ones in my life (with meat personally brought in by an ex’s family member from the city for which it is known).

Last week, although I didn’t try one as I was expecting to go to a steakhouse for dinner later in the evening, I did go in for a quick lunch.  For whatever reason, I was craving an Egg Salad Sandwich, and had one made with the works of all vegetables, minus the onion, and a little mayo and salt and pepper.  On the side, all sandwiches are served with a salad (coleslaw in this case), and a pickle.  And it was delicious! The veggies were fresh, and from what I’ve heard when talking to many friends that frequent the place, this is always the case, without fail.

Egg Salad Sandwich Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4

Now I know that I haven’t been to this place often enough in order to rate it easily, so I will not for now, except for the one item that I ate.

But one other thing I did notice, that made me write this post today, was the card on the table noting that PHAT has an iPhone app available!

I’m an avid Blackberry-turned-iPhone user at this point, after years of pushing the former on others, and I loved that this was available.  As the world is going more and more mobile (and thankfully so), it’s great to see a restaurant providing this option to their customers.  The app allows for PHAT’s clientele to view the menu, see daily specials, and even order their meals online!  There is also a section that provides the latest news (and that’s how I found out that this deli is expanding soon), as well as a social media twist that allows customers to check in when they’re dining at the restaurant!  An entire Phat community.

And from what I can tell, the place is always packed.

So beyond their sandwiches, of which I will need to try more in the future, I have to give this place props for being at the leading edge of the game in technology and having their own app (by 285 Digital Media).

PHAT (Pretty Hot and Tasty)
1055 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2R9
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