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by Victoria on October 18, 2010

Gorilla Food Vegan Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago I met up for lunch with two of my girlfriends at Gorilla Food on Richards Street in downtown Vancouver.  Sabrina (Become the Voice) suggested that we try it, as she likes to eat vegan food as much as possible, and I’m always open to trying something new!

The inside of the restaurant is very quaint, and it is located at the bottom of a set of stairs.  There is an open kitchen with quite a few staff members preparing all of the raw, organic, and vegan specialty items that are available, for dining in, take out, or even catering.

Upon arrival, we slowly looked over the menu options, as there was actually an extremely large selection of raw food dishes to choose from, and it took a lot of reading and thinking it over to make our selections.  Sabrina had a few go-to favourites that she pointed out, and we did pick a couple from that roster as well.

One of my favourite dishes of the lunch that day was the Thai Fresh Wraps. They had quite a bit of flavour compared to many of the other items we ate, consisting of three collard leaf wraps filled with a sprouted sunflower seed and veggie pate, sesame seasoned coleslaw and a side dip of raisin chutney.  Keep in mind that with all organic, raw and vegan food, it will be very different from what you would eat otherwise.

Thai Fresh Wraps Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4

Next, I tried the The Mix-Up Salad – a mineral rich, nutritionally packed, tenderized toss of dark greens and seasonal veggie bits. This one was served with the ginger avocado dressing (there is also the choice of walnut cilantro, lemon herb flax, or curry cream dressings).  This was quite a refreshing salad, and I could tell that digestion wouldn’t be a problem afterward. 😉

The Mix-Up Salad Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3

We ordered a couple of different soups that day, and although I liked the Chili Verde Soup better at first, over time, I found it to be a little less exciting than the next one that I tried.  This broth was made from seasonal greens, oils and spice.

Chili Verde Soup Rating: 2.5Rating: 2.5Rating: 2.5Rating: 2.5Rating: 2.5

The best dish of the meal?  The Moroccan Rawkin Olive Pizza. I absolutely love olives, and the tapenade on this gave it the little extra flavour kick that I needed after some of the other food options. It’s dressed with a savory sun-dried tomato herb sauce and a heavy handful of tenderized kale veggies, topped with the tapenade and spicy crushed chili almonds.

Moroccan Rawkin Olive Pizza Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4

The more interesting soup? It was the Dreamy Cream Avocado Carrot and Basil Soup that I chose to go with my sandwich.   This one was more creamy and the basil gave it some extra flavour.  Keep in mind when ordering that these soups are served fairly cold.

Dreamy Cream Avocado Carrot and Basil Soup Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3

Finally, I had the Sunny Gorilla Sandwich (which was actually to me the most boring of the lot).  It consisted of sprouted sunflower ginger pate with avocado mashed-up, fresh veggie slices, shreds and sprouts.  I went with the veggie flax bread.  I just found that I needed something to give it more flavour, and the bread was quite dry and hard to eat and swallow.  But, I guess that’s probably what you have to expect if it’s not cooked.

Sunny Gorilla Sandwich Rating: 2Rating: 2Rating: 2Rating: 2Rating: 2

Overall, Gorilla Food was an interesting dining experience.  I liked the cozy little room, and the concept is great for those that want to stay away from eating meat, at least occasionally.

There are also several dessert options available, that I didn’t try, along with a large variety of smoothies, shakes, and fresh juices.

Happy sustainable eating!

Gorilla Food
436 Richards St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2Z3
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Overall: Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3
Food: Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3
Service: Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3
Atmosphere: Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5
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Sabrina October 19, 2010 at 2:38 pm

Thanks for the blog love:) Let’s do lunch again soon.


Teresa October 22, 2010 at 2:45 pm

I’ve been meaning to check out this place..and didn’t realize it’s on the same street as me…well same street and like 5-6 blocks down. I love when vegan/vegetarian food that’s done well….like way better quality than Naam

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