Dirty Apron Cooking School – Video Post

by Victoria on September 21, 2010

Dirty Apron Cooking Class

Not too long ago, I enjoyed a cooking class with a couple of friends at the Dirty Apron Cooking School.  Owned by the same people as Chambar and Cafe Medina, this place has been around now for a little over a year, and seems to be thriving to date. I’ve heard about it from many friends that have taken and really enjoyed their large variety of sessions, and have been enticed to sign up for one on my own since early on.

For my first session, I chose to do the Sea to Sky class from a large selection that were available, which as you can tell from the title, involved learning about and cooking from seafood to fowl, with chef and co-owner David Robertson (formerly the sous-chef at Chambar).

We started out learning how to make Poached Sablefish with Buttered Crab. I’m not a huge fan of smoke sablefish, but I really enjoyed the buttered crab portion of this, and would love to try the sauce with some sort of pasta next time (as suggested by our teacher).  It was nice and tart, with lemon, leeks, and vermouth, to name a few of the main ingredients (and yes, this is a picture of the one I made).

Next up was the Bourbon Maple Pan Roasted Quail. I actually liked this item the least of everything that night, as it was quite sweet and rich, with the bourbon maple syrup and apple cider vinegar in it.  This was served over Potato Rosti.  I liked the rosti quite a bit, but again, this isn’t for the faint of heart, as it is cooked in a substantial amount of oil to give it the colour and crunch that resulted.

Our main entree for the evening was the Seared Vension Loin with White Bean Truffle Ragout.  Here is a video of the entertaining and fun chef, David Robertson, teaching us about garlic, shallots, and browning bacon (approx. 4 mins 48 secs):

And the results? (Ok, so I have to admit this was my girlfriend’s finished version – I didn’t reduce my morel sauce enough, and my plate looked like it was drowning – gotta give chefs props for all of their hard work!)

We finished things off with a delicious and creamy house made Pistachio Ice Cream with a crisp and light biscotti.

Each dish was taken to a communal dining room table after it was cooked, to be eaten and enjoyed with a glass of wine and some sparkling or still water.  We were all definitely full by the end of the evening, and I know that at least I was in need of a shower.  🙂

I will for sure be attending another course in future at Dirty Apron – it was an overall enjoyable experience.

To sign up for cooking classes or find out more information, use the following contact methods.

Dirty Apron Cooking School


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