Vindustry Wine Academy

by Victoria on April 7, 2010

Vindustry Wine Academy

Keep reading for how you can receive a discount for course registration!

Back in January, I decided I needed to take a wine course of some sort.  I love drinking wine, but I knew nothing about it and just liked some wines over others, but with no real reason for it but random personal preference.  A lot of times I’d be guessing and would choose the wrong one, and I’d often ask for help with pairings at restaurants, or just go with suggestions from my friends who knew more.

So I started asking around and researching an introductory course that I could take, and ultimately sent a Facebook message to a friend who is a Sommelier (and now works for  Kendall Jackson), to see if she could recommend anything in particular.

She gave me a few options, but the one that sounded the most enticing to me was the Vindustry Wine Academy.  So I asked a girlfriend to join in with me and gave them a call.  It turned out I was in luck, since there was a new session starting that Monday evening, and it would run for four weeks in total, from 6-9 pm each class.

After a bit of debate and confirmation from my friend that she would for sure join me in the spur of the moment enrollment, we confirmed our registration and set off to class that evening to see what was in store for us.  At first I was a bit hesitant, because I wasn’t sure what the other people in the course were there for, and if we’d be the only ones that weren’t in the restaurant industry.  However, the class turned out to be a lot of fun with a wide range of attendees, and we met a great group of people while we were at it!.

And did we ever learn a lot.

Our instructor, Justin McAuliffe, is definitely passionate about his wines.  He put together the course curriculum from his wealth of knowledge on the topic and was able to provide a lot of fun and interesting facts while teaching, which kept us on our toes and also helped to stave off boredom when talking about things like, well, soil, during the three-hour sessions.  He would just throw in something different that I had never known before, and I found that it kept the pace going quickly.

Usually at the end, we would do a tasting and go through a minimum of 6 different types of wines (although I found we were doing many more on most occasions, and I would have to do plenty of spitting – or really just not finish everything).  On some nights, we would taste throughout the evening, after discussing a particular region or type of grape.  I think those were the hardest parts, because after having a few sips, I would feel a bit sleepy afterward, and would then just continue to drink to help keep me going!  We were able to try a large variety of wines from all regions, vintages, and types, including a bottle of Pinot Noir from the 1970s (which had sadly gone off with oxidation over time).

The final class was filled with lessons about sparkling wines and spirits, and ended off with a food and wine pairing.  This was an interesting experience, and something that I haven’t taken the time to do on my own before.  Plus, it was just another chance for me to eat!

After going through this course, my girlfriend texted me from her Napa Valley vacation just this past weekend, and was impressed by how much she could remember (our last class was just last Monday).  She even met one of the riddlers at a winery there (and no, I don’t mean from Batman).

The Vindusty Wine Course is definitely a great course to take to learn a lot of useful things about wines in a short period of time and have a lot of fun while doing it!  To register, call their office at 604.568.9885, or send them an email at Cost is $349 plus GST.  Quote code VFS25, and you’ll receive a $25.00 discount on your course registration!

A set of six tasting glasses is provided upon class registration to keep, along with the extensive course materials that are great for future reference.

Maybe one day you can even watch me attempt to saber a bottle of champagne…

Vindustry Wine Academy
Canadian College
400 -1050 Alberni St.
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1A3
Office: 604.568.9885
Fax: 604.688.9322

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Jonathan April 8, 2010 at 11:32 am

sounds like fun! definitely on the todo list. will have to think of a way to test your new skills.

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