Quattro Italian Restaurant in Whistler

by Victoria on December 16, 2009

This weekend a few of us ventured up to Whistler to do some skiing and relaxing, and we decided to check out one of the fine-dining restaurants there for dinner on Saturday night – we ended up making reservations at Quattro Italian Restaurant (who’s sister Q4 Restaurant is on 4th in the Vancouver Kitsilano area and brother Gusto di Quattro can be found in North Vancouver).  I’d have to say, I was feeling a little hungover from my boyfriend’s company holiday party the night before, so some carb-heavy Italian sounded like it would be perfect.

We walked inside, and I immediately noticed the warm and inviting atmosphere – we were seated right away at a corner table near one of the fireplaces and opposite the bar.  There was great decor scattered throughout the dining room and it definitely felt cozy.  Quattro also has an extensive wine list that I noticed, but unfortunately I didn’t have the strength to try any of it except for a partial glass of Kim Crawford while I was eating my main.

When our server brought our fresh bread to the table, I knew that I would be eating a lot, so I didn’t want to fill up on too much too fast.  There were two types of fresh bread served with butter, and I had a bit of the focaccia, which was soft and delicious.

Two Types of Bread

We then moved on to what I was the most excited about – the Antipasto Platter!  Every time I go to an Italian restaurant, I have to order this.  The most amazing part was the Radicchio Bocconcini (right in the middle) – it was mozzarella and prosciutto wrapped by radicchio and covered in a cherry vinaigrette – so warm and divine!  There were also Grilled Sausages – the larger ones were chorizo, and I liked these more than the smaller.  The Bruschetta was pretty good, but I’ve had better recently at a couple of places in Vancouver.  I did find the Smoked Salmon a little on the fishier side, and the Arancini (the asiago risotto balls on the back right) weren’t my thing as there was a tomato chipotle sauce that almost tasted like a strange cheddar cheese, although I did love the texture of them in their crispy shell.  Finally, there were slices of Pork Belly, which I absolutely loved but couldn’t eat a lot of since I’d just recently had a too rich meal at lunch the day before that I was still recuperating from.  We made sure to keep the salty bread sticks even after the platter was taken away, as they were good to snack on throughout the meal.

Antipasto Platter for Four

I would have to say that we had an excellent server that night – I wish I had asked for her name.  When we were putting in our food order, and my girlfriend couldn’t decide between two of the dishes, she gave the option of ordering a half order of both (and also just paying half of the price for each dish).  I think this is really going above and beyond and have never had this choice presented to me at a restaurant before, but we really appreciated it and I wish it was something that was offered more.

As a result, my friend had the Spaghetti Quattro and Gnocchi Al Pomodoro, all in one. I quite liked the spaghetti, with the ground chicken and black beans (even though I’m not a huge spaghetti fan).  The gnocchi was okay, but I like it when the portions are a bit smaller, so they seem a little less doughy when you’re eating them, otherwise I find it to be too overwhelming.  I did like the tomato basil sauce though.

Spaghetti Quattro and Gnocchi al Pomodoro

My brother also decided to mix things up a bit and ordered the Pesce Di Scoglio, which is a BC red band rock fish, served whole with the head and all (as you can see)!  He was given instructions on how to easily remove the head and tail and debone the fish, and then he was off to the races.  The fish was seasoned with lemon, fennel, and parsley and it was nice and light (great if you’re on a diet and find yourself eating Italian!), but still with a great flavour.  I would definitely order that type of fish again.  Normally, this dish comes with a side of veggies and potatoes, but he asked for the Spaghetti Quattro instead, for a little extra charge.

Pesce Di Scoglio and Spaghetti Quattro

Now on to my entree – the Gamberoni Oliveto. When I was perusing the menu, I couldn’t decide between the prawns or the sablefish, which is always one of my favourites.  I asked our server what she suggested, and she confidently said to go with the Gamberoni.  Once I had my first bite, I was definitely glad that I did!  The green bella olives tasted sooo delicious with the plump and juicy prawns, especially mixed in with the tomato and basil and vermouth.  This was served with a side of potato and a grilled red pepper.  Out of everything I had this evening, this was definitely my favourite dish.

Gamberoni Oliveto

Now on to my boyfriend’s food – the Scaloppine Via Veneto – essentially breaded veal with bocconcini, tomato and basil.  I found that there was a bit too much cheese on the plate, and in comparison to the rest of the food we ordered, it wasn’t all that exciting.  I don’t really have much to say about this. The meat was tender, it was tomatoey, and there was lots of cheese – probably not the signature dish you should order next time you venture to Quattro.

Scaloppine Via Veneto

At this point, you can imagine we were all quite full (especially as our mains were all larger than we were anticipating – is it like this at all the Quattro locations?), but after taking a look at the dessert menu we had to share the Ciliege Filate, or Mascarpone Cheese Phyllo Dessert. This came with brandied cherries (mmmm…so excellent), whipped cream and a gooseberry on top.  I’m surprised that no one actually picked up the plate and licked it – it was that good.

Mascarpone Cheese Phyllo Cake

In a nutshell? Amazing service. Great warm, cozy atmosphere. And delicious food – you will not leave hungry and will be ready for the slopes the next day (unless you try too much of the wine list).

Quattro at Whistler
4319 Main Street (in the Pinnacle Hotel)
Whistler, B.C.

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