La Terrazza Italian Restaurant in Yaletown

by Victoria on December 5, 2009

The night before last night I had an amazing dinner at La Terrazza in Yaletown. It was a launch party for one of the really challenging projects I’ve been working on all year that has finally come to closure recently. Our group was booked into one of the restaurants two gorgeous private rooms, and we were given a set menu to choose from along with a large selection of the chef’s popular hot and cold appetizers for a tasting to start.

I started my meal off with a Ketel One Dirty Martini (the olive juice is what makes it dirty, in case anyone is wondering), and it was delicous.  I’m not sure what they did to this drink to make it so good, but it’s probably due to the quality of the olive juice in it.  Following that, we ordered several bottles of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wine for all of the tables, called Pretty Sally. This was $85, which is a lower price point on their extensive wine menu (that went up well over $1,000 for some bottles), but the general consensus was that it was quite good (I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, but I know what I do and do not like).

The Chef’s Tasting included the following: portabello mushrooms in phyllo pastry, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, prawns with lemon, bruschetta, risotto with a split pea reduction, pickled eggplant, and mixed olives. These were all really amazing, but I especially thought the prawns were delicious.  I could’ve been full after just this course alone, as they brought three of these plates to our table of 7 people, but we were only getting started!  (You’ll have to excuse the off-centre pictures, I think I was already a little tipsy by the time the tasting made it to the table.) The bread with the olive oil they served it with was to die for – to DIE for.  I asked what was in the oil, and our server said it was a pink peppercorn salt.  The guy sitting next to me loved it so much that he was regretting it for the entire next day as he had some terrible heart burn after mopping up a couple plates of it with his bread.

The second course for the meal was the Strozzapreti Bolognese, which was a ‘Strozzapreti noodle with a tomato meat ragu topped with grated parmigiano reggiano.’  I’m not much of a pasta person at all, but the pasta tasted really fresh and was cooked just right – a great firm texture.  The meat sauce was also very tasty, and I had to force myself to only finish half of this course because I knew there was still a lot more food coming.

For our third course, we had a salad with organic mixed greens, the Insalata Mista, with a light red wine and Dijon vinaigrette dressing.  There was also a small scoop of avocado on the side.  This salad was fine, but I’m not really big on salads, especially when you can do something so much more interesting with your veggies.

For the main course, there was a selection from five different items.  There was a Duck option, the Peto D’anatra, along with a free range chicken option that I can’t quite recall, but I didn’t actually see anyone order that in our group.

I enjoyed the Sablefish, or Merluzzo, which had a delicious crispy panko crust, and truffle oil over top of green beans with a mushroom rice cake. When  I took my first bite, it took me a moment to figure out what flavour I was tasting that was so amazing, and that is what turned out to be truffles.  If you enjoy seafood, and regardless if this is one of your favourite types of white fish or not, I would very highly recommend that you order this dish, and savour every single last bite.

The fourth option was a AAA beef tenderloin from Alberta with scallop potatoes and infused with a red wine reduction, or Manzo.  I was able to sneak a taste of the meat, and it was so flavourful and tender.  All I kept hearing from the rest of the table was a steady hum of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ – its safe to say that everyone was very content with this choice as well (although I did prefer the fish myself).

The vegetarian option they provided is shown below – the Eggplant Lasagna. I didn’t have a taste of this one, but the person next to me seemed quite content.

And now on to dessert (as if we hadn’t already had enough).

I ordered the White Chocolate Marscapone Cheesecake in Phyllo, or La Creazione. There was a strawberry sauce on the side with sour cherries and a sprig of mint to top it all off. At this point I was so full I didn’t think I could have a bite more, but this cheesecake was light and just so delicious that, yes, I ate the entire thing. And could’ve had more.

The signature dessert from Chef Gennaro Iorio for the evening was a classic Italian Tiramisù. I’m usually not a fan of this, as I find that the taste of the alcohol within is usually a bit too strong for me; however, I took one bite of this and wished I had ordered it (when I later tasted the cheesecake, I wished I had one of each) – this was the best Tiramisù I have tasted, by far.

This set dinner option was required in order to book a private room with such a large group, and with all of these options to choose from it came to $65.88 per person. As mentioned throughout, that included the Chef’s Tasting sampler, a pasta, a salad, one main, and a dessert.  Needless to say, we were all thoroughly satisfied by the end of this wonderful meal, and also way too full to get any actual sleep that night.  Well worth the sleepless night!

La Terrazza is definitely a great place to take a date for a special occasion or to celebrate an event. Excellent wine list, great service, and amazing fine-dining food.

La Terrazza
1088 Cambie St
Vancouver, B.C.

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Cheryl Gifford December 6, 2009 at 10:47 am


Mike December 11, 2009 at 12:17 pm

I lived in the complex attached to this restaurant for 6 years and still have never been in side the restaurant. I kind of figured it would be SUPER expensive, but your meal price seems reasonable (if you stay away from the expensive wine). There always seems to be some fancy car or two parked outside in Valet, and i tend not to eat where people who drive ferraris eat… but will finally have to give this place a shot now after reading this review!

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