Bistro Sakana Japanese Restaurant in Yaletown

by Victoria on December 19, 2009

Outside Bistro SakanaOne of my top three favourite places to go for sushi at the moment is definitely Bistro Sakana, in Yaletown (the others are Juno and Octopus Garden).  I’ve been having a craving it a lot lately since it’s been awhile, so I met up with a girlfriend yesterday to do some catching up over Japanese food at lunch. 

I usually go for dinner here rather than lunch, but it has a great specials menu for a quick daytime meal.  You can get quite a few options for under $10, including a Healthy Lunch option that comes with either a brown rice california or avocado and cucumber roll (I switched mine up for regular white rice though), agedashi tofu (small in size and really crisp and delicious) and a salad with soba noodles and a miso dressing.  Today, I was feeling like I needed something a little more on the ‘good for me’ side, so I went for this, but also added on another couple of pieces of nigiri on the side.

Green Soba Noodle Salad

I love chopped scallop, so I ordered one of those, along with a piece of amaebi (or sweet prawn), and I always also ask for them to bring me the head deep fried, with a lemon.  I LOVE this part. I know it seems weird, but this is where you’ll find so much of the flavour, and if it’s not too gross to you to eat the part of the prawn that you usually throw away (little legs and all) then I would definitely recommend trying it.  Most of my friends just look away in fear at this point in time though.

Deep Fried Amaebi Head

Anyway, back to my nigiri.  I’ve had all sorts of rolls and nigiri and sashimi at Bistro Sakana, and I’ve always really enjoyed most of the ones that I’ve tried.  There have been a few that are a little too different for my tastes (like the one that has prosciutto in it – I can’t remember what it was called), and I know they are known for being ‘New Concept Japanese Cuisine,’ but I don’t really want to mix my Italian with my sushi.  Otherwise, all of the fish that I’ve had in any of the dishes here has been really, really fresh and also wild.

California RollChopped Scallop and Amaebi Nigiri SushiYam Tempura Roll

My friend ordered the Beef Teriyaki Lunch special (this switches between chicken, salmon and beef depending on the day of the week).   The good thing about this teriyaki is that there isn’t too much sauce on it that overwhelms the rest of the food.  You can actually taste the meat and it goes really well on top of rice.  This menu item also comes with a choice of a Yam Tempura or California or Dynamite Roll, and a miso soup.

Beef Teriyaki

There are also many other menu items that I’ve had in the past and would recommend – from their specialty rolls to some of their soups.  I’ll have to update this post at a later date once I return and have some more pictures to share, as I can’t recall what these are called and can’t seem to find a menu online anywhere. 

Overall, Bistro Sakana is a fun place to go with a group of friends to have some great Japanese food, and try something a little bit different – they do have a fairly good wine and sake menu as well.  There’s also a great patio to frequent during the warmer summer months.  Basically, it’s a perfect place to go after a yoga session, or really any time you’re in the Yaletown area and having a sushi craving!

Bistro Sakana
1123 Mainland St
Vancouver, B.C.

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