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December 2009

Chez Faye Café in Yaletown

December 30, 2009

Today I had a busy morning running around to appointments and just wanted a quiet place to eat with a good girlfriend of mine so we could chat over lunch.  It was raining quite a bit too, so we both felt lazy and didn’t want to have to walk very far.  We were both searching around online for a […]

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The Edge Social Grille and Lounge on Granville

December 29, 2009

Today a co-worker and I decided to wander down Granville Street to find something different.  We were actually on our way to the recently opened Cafe Barcelona, but they were closed (with no sign or no notice – strange), so we had to find another option.  I have never been to The Edge – Social Grille […]

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Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant on Main and King Edward

December 28, 2009

I first started going to the Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant for pho when it was still actually located on Cambie Street, in a strip mall just before King Edward Avenue (I lived in a house only a couple of blocks away at the time).  They had to move to a new place once the RAV line was […]

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Sanafir Restaurant and Lounge

December 26, 2009

While my last attempt at Sanafir on Granville didn’t turn out all that well due to a meal I had earlier in the day at Kintaro that didn’t agree with me, I managed to have the chance to return this past weekend for a good friend’s birthday.  And again, they had the upstairs booked out for all of […]

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My Top Moments of Klutziness While Out Eating in 2009

December 25, 2009

I’m a klutz.  I don’t know how I manage to not make an ass out of myself on the volleyball court (well, most of the time), but just put me in a restaurant with glasses and dishes, and I can sure make a big mess! If you have ever had a meal with me, or […]

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Cafe Medina in Crosstown

December 23, 2009

On the weekend there was something that I was really craving, and that was the lavendar latte and Fricasse at Cafe Medina, on Beatty Street in the Crosstown area of downtown Vancouver. So on Sunday afternoon, after waking up super late with the day already half over, we managed to make our way over there by […]

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