Juno Vancouver Sushi Bistro – A Definite Hidden Gem

by Victoria on November 25, 2009

Today I went back to a small newer Japanese restaurant for lunch (I’ve been a few times now), and I remembered how great it was all over again.  The place is called Juno – it’s located right downtown on Davie between Seymour and Richards, and I’m not sure why more people don’t know about it!  It’s got a great little atmosphere with nice decor, the staff are actually Japanese and are super friendly, and the food is excellent! They even use free range eggs and chicken and locally grown products, and the fish is wild.  Really, you can’t go wrong here. 

There are even certain items like the tamago that I have not liked anywhere (because I’m just not a tamago fan),  but this is an exception at Juno – I really enjoy it and look forward to eating it each time I go!

Anyway, today I went with my brother and a friend and we tried a few things from their lunch menu.  The price on the specials are definitely worthwhile for the quality of food that you’re getting.  Also, it’s got great options for add-ons if one dish isn’t enough for you – you can add on half-size or full rolls or sashimi for a fraction of the price you could usually find them.  For example, half-rolls for $2 each, and 5 pieces of tuna or sockeye salmon sashimi for an additional $5. Plus, they use real crab meat.

This time, we tried a few different menu items – I had the Nigiri Sushi combo and a half Dynamite Roll (I love prawn tempura).  Each lunch special also comes with a miso soup to start, which was nice since the rain here hasn’t been letting up lately and we were freezing. It had lots of tofu and green onions and helped warm me right up. The fish was very fresh and it’s always a good sign when a Japanese restaurant uses white ginger (instead of the pink stuff).

We also had the Chirashi Sushi – which is essentially a variety of sashimi on a bed of sushi rice, including wasabi, ginger, pieces of nori, as well as a shiso leaf, which is delicious when you eat it wrapped around a piece of tuna. Again, very delicious – I’ve eaten chirashi at other places recently and it hasn’t even come close to this.

Finally, we had the Top Sirloin Beef Steak, which comes with brown rice and a salad with yellow beets. A great option for those a bit more diet-conscious among us.  The meat was very tender and delicious and I would definitely recommend trying it.

Another dish I’ve also tried (and of course, enjoyed), was the Pork Katsu-don, served with brown rice. Please note that if you don’t like brown rice, that’s the only option for some of the lunch special dishes. However, it’s cooked well and doesn’t have the hard, thick consistency that you can sometimes get elsewhere and I find hard to swallow.

I grabbed a take-out menu on the way out, as I was guessing that Juno might not do much marketing or have a website (and I seem to be right), so I’ve taken a couple of snapshots so you can get an idea of the menu – you probably won’t be able to find it anywhere else at the moment. Just click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Please, I urge you all to try this place out – I want it to stick around for a long time so I can keep going back. I’m trying to figure out a good evening soon to go with a bunch of friends for dinner again – a lot of the special rolls look like they will be delicious.

Overall Rating: This has definitely become one of my top 3 favourites in town for sushi. Excellent food, great lunch specials, and super friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Juno Vancouver Sushi Bistro
572 Davie Street
Vancouver, B.C.

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